Unattended Child Policy

Policy on Children’s use of the Priestley-Forsyth Memorial Library

The Priestley-Forsyth Memorial Library welcomes children of all ages to use the library’s facilities and services. However, to guarantee the safety, comfort and well-being for all children, the library’s Board of Trustees has determined that all children age 8 or younger must be accompanied by an adult, or someone 16 or older at all times. The basic function and responsibility of the library staff is to encourage and facilitate the use of the library by parents, students, adults working with children, and children of all ages.  Collections of children’s books, materials, a variety of programs and trained staff are available at the library. It is not the library’s function or purpose to be a care center for children in the absence of adults.

In order to maintain a safe, orderly and proper environment for library use, the following policy is in effect:

Parents or caregivers are responsible for the behavior, safety and supervision of their children at all times in the library or on library premises.

1. Parents or caregivers must provide such reasonable supervision of their children as is appropriate based on the age and level of responsibility of each child. The library staff is not responsible for the safety, care, or supervision of children of any age, whether in the library or on the library premises.

a. Children ages 8 or younger must be accompanied by a responsible individual, age 16 or older at all times and in all areas of the library, except when participating in a library sponsored program that does not specifically require parents or caregivers to participate.

b. When attending library programs, parents or caregivers of children ages 6 or younger must remain in the library.

2. Parents and Caregivers should be aware of library opening and closing times and make suitable arrangements to meet, or transport their children

Winter Hours (From Labor Day Through Memorial Day)
M/W/F: 10:00 am- 6:00 pm
T/TH: 12 noon-8:00 pm
Saturdays: 9:00 am-5:00 pm

Summer Hours (From Memorial Day through Labor Day)
M/W/F: 9:00 am-5:00 pm
T/TH: 12 noon-8:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am-5:00 pm

a. Library staff is not responsible for the care and supervision of children prior to opening or after closing of the library.

b. Staff will not transport children home or to any other destination under any circumstances.

3. Children, like all other library users, are required to respect library property and to act in a manner appropriate to the use and function of the library

a. If a child age 8 or younger is unattended in the library during either business hours or at closing time, the library will contact police to ensure the safety of the child. In the event a child is left unattended at the close of the business day, Two library staff members will stay with the child until the police arrive.

b. Parents and caregivers should be aware that the behavior of young children may at times be disturbing to other patrons; in this event, staff may request they temporarily remove their children from the library to ease the situation. Others engaging in disruptive or inappropriate behavior may be asked to leave the library. Police assistance will be requested if necessary.