We’re asking patrons and friends of the library to write mini-reviews of the books they read. You can write a couple of sentences to 200 words. Choose a new book, like today’s Finders Keepers, by Stephen King, or it choose an old classic you’d like to recommend. If it’s in the library, it’s fair game for a Mini-Review.

Today’s Mini-Review from Steve:

The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins


Rachel is unhappy. Having lost her job, she is in a state of denial, drinking too much, and pretending to go to work every day on the train. The train that she rides to London each day takes her past her old neighborhood. From the window of the train she observes not only her old garden that backs up to the tracks, but also the daily activities of another couple who reside down the street from her previous home. In her imagination, she has given the couple names and has created a fairy tale love life for them. Real life, however, cannot live up to her fantasy, and the couple does not have the picture perfect relationship that Rachel has concocted. When a murder occurs, Rachel becomes entangled in the investigation because of what she has witnessed on her daily commute. A smart thriller that grabs hold of you early and won’t let you go. I was quite shocked by the ending. One thing though: Try to read it over a few days.  It helps keep the characters straight.  I’m looking forward to the film in 2016.


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