A Painting by Renoir of Monet painting in his garden, 1873

A Painting by Renoir of Monet painting in his garden.

Welcome to Summer! Time for a glass of sangria in the garden, the library garden, that is.

This Tuesday  evening, June 16th at 7:00, as part of our Cross Keys Poetry group is trying something different: Poetry and Art Outside, weather permitting.

Cross Keys Poetry member and local artist (well, she hails from out West, but we are fortunate to be graced by her presence here now), Faith Saxton Gallo will be setting up her easel in the library garden while we sit with our poetry notebooks open, enjoying the end of a summer day with a glass of *sangria. Perhaps you’ve seen one of Faith’s recent exhibitions, or were fortunate enough to take a watercolor class with her here at the library. In any case, this event is completely casual, and non-poets and the artistically challenged are welcome to attend.

In fact, if you’d like, you could bring a sketchbook to lay out on the picnic table and see what inspiration comes your way in pen or charcoal. You could bring your acoustic guitar and strum out a few new chords at your leisure or work on a new poem or short story. Whatever your medium, or bent, please join us at the picnic table in the back **garden. Maybe we’ll even read a few Sangria Poems. You could even try your hand at writing one yourself.

The Cross Keys Poetry Society hopes to continue enjoying the library garden all summer during our usual meeting time, 7:00 pm each 3rd Tuesday of the month.IMG_1031-640x480

*There will be non-alcoholic punch as well, of course. **In the event of Thunderstorms will go to our usual place in the board room upstairs.


And don’t forget to join the library and all our friends on Tuesday, June 23rd from 6:00 to 8:00 pm for the official Library Garden Dedication Party!  There will be live music and light refreshments, as we celebrate our beautiful library garden and Children’s Nature Classroom.